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Photography is Our JAM.

It's Our Favorite.

At defy DESIGN, we know you shouldn’t have favorite children, but our passion for photography is what set us down this path so many years ago. Now we are happy to put that passion to work creating exciting images for you. There are many ways photography can enhance your business’ presence.

Unique Photos Allow You to Express Yourself.

Small businesses -of all industries- are notorious for doing the bare minimum to showcase their products and services. Yet it is small businesses that need to go the extra mile to set themselves apart. We can do that by creating distinct and appealing images for your company.

Our photography services go hand-in-hand with other defy DESIGN offerings, such as web design, catalogs and brochures. Working with us end-to-end ensures the highest quality and most polished finished product.

Variety is the Spice of Life.

Most projects will require a variety of photography to support the catalog, website, or brochure we are creating. defy DESIGN is up to the task, with nearly 20 of years of photographic experience under our belt.

Business Portraiture

Sure, we are happy to provide headshots for your “About Us” page, but modern business portraits can be so much more. Environmental portraiture shows you in context of your work (or play )place, conveys more about who you are, what you do, and what you’re about.

Product and Food

The sparks flying through the air as you cut through a space-age material. A delectable dish so delicious looking you begin to drool. In order for the customer to connect themselves to your product or service, they need to see it in context.

Fashion and Model

When it comes to apparel, accessories and beauty services, perception is all in the presentation. From a black dress and pearls to patched jeans and purple hair – your images should have attitude. 

Architectural and Real Estate

Whether selling someone else’s space or showing off your own, let us put our wide-angle lenses to work. Quality lighting, high-dynamic range, and unique perspectives give you the aesthetic advantage.

Drone and Aerial

Add a bird’s eye view to your marketing materials, or take a shot at that impossible angle. Drone photography has never been more approachable or more affordable.

Specialized Photography

Event, travel, macro, landscape, wildlife, astrophotography, time-lapse, anything in between – contact us with your special needs.

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